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  1. cpvr

    How many users does your game have?

    How many users does your game have? How long did it take you to grow your game to its current user base? What has helped you attract new users to your game?
  2. cpvr

    How did you find virtual pet list?

    Welcome back! How’s your future site coming along?
  3. cpvr

    How did you find virtual pet list?

    It was good. You’re welcome!
  4. Marapets


    Marapets is a free virtual pet site that allows you to create your own virtual pet, explore their various lands and do quests to earn more marapoints. You can also dress up your own human avatar, play games or trade your pet to another user. Mara has a battle stadium as well and you can battle...
  5. Rescreatu


    Rescreatu is a virtual pet game where you can begin your journey by hunting for eggs on their four different planets. You can hatch your own creatu that you can raise, train and care for. Make friends on Rescreatu's community, explore for rare items and discover an array of different creatu...
  6. cpvr

    Neopets is lauching a tv show soon

    I totally agree! This is what I've been thinking as well because I've seen a few different articles that have said Neopets will mainly focus on their mobile app and not so much on their main website. I'm just surprised that a tv show wasn't released during Neo's prime. I wouldn't be too shocked...
  7. cpvr

    How did you find virtual pet list?

    You're welcome! Did you have a good weekend? Welcome back!
  8. cpvr

    Dappervolk is aiming to launch in May 2020

    Dappervolk is aiming to launch fully to the public in May 2020. Here's an update from their team: Source: Here's a review of Dappervolk from an alpha tester. Are you looking forward to playing Dappervolk when it fully opens up to the public? Also, what type...
  9. cpvr

    So, what happened?

    VPL disappeared because I personally was dealing with a lot of health problems, financial problems and family issues. I had no intentions of letting VPL disappear. - There was communication on our facebook page from time to time. - We didn't have any backups. However, our new host takes...
  10. cpvr


    Icepets is a virtual pet site where you can explore its cold world alongside your icepets, which is actually your very own loyal companion. You can change its look by using icepets' unique closet feature, which allows your pet to change back to each and every color that you've previously...
  11. cpvr

    Flight Rising

    Flight Rising offers an exciting world of dragons, creatures and a wide variety of exploration for its user base. FR also has a feature where you can breed your very own dragons. If you don't want to breed your dragons, then you can battle your dragons and collect different items. If collecting...
  12. cpvr


    Aywas is a virtual pet site that allow its users to collect as many pets as they'd like. You can explore seven different regions of Ay for various of wild pets that you can capture and add to your collection. Aywas allow its users to submit colored pets, create items and create human avatar...
  13. cpvr

    What’s the last movie that you watched?

    I’ve been watching a lot of different movies on Netflix and Hulu. The last movie that I recently watched was Set up. 50 cent is one of the main characters. Prior to watching set up, I watched the movi and American son. So, what’s the last movie that you watched?
  14. cpvr

    What are some good virtual pet games out there right now?

    Nice! Do you have any previews or any idea on what type of features it’ll have?
  15. cpvr

    How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

    You’re welcome. I like to drink water when I wake up and get ready for work & before I go to sleep. I love sugar free coke and Pepsi. I used to drink a lot of regular soda, but I decided to switch back to sugar free & soda that doesn’t have any calories. How much soda do you usually on a daily...
  16. cpvr

    We’re working on adding new games to our directory(showcase).

    We’re working on adding new games to our directory(showcase).
  17. cpvr

    Favorite pet game?

    How long have you been a member of Eqcetera? What’s your favorite feature that they currently offer? Dappervolk’s previews look very interesting so far and I can’t wait to see how well they do on their opening day/week. What feature are you looking forward to that Dappervolk will offer?
  18. cpvr

    What’s your favorite social media site?

    I remember when MySpace was the only social media site that was available online. However, there’s a lot of different social media websites that people can use now. Such as; Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and tumblr. So, what’s your favorite social media site? How often do you use your favorite...
  19. cpvr

    How did you find virtual pet list?

    It’s great to have you back! Same here. I’m very grateful that we were able to bring vpl back online. Welcome back!😃 It’s nice to hear from you again. Welcome back! Welcome back! How’s everything going for you? I totally agree! We missed you too.
  20. cpvr

    Have you ever played Fortnite?

    Fortnite is a video game that was released in 2017 and you can play it on your mobile phone & on a few different gaming systems. So, have you ever played fortnite? If yes, what do you think about fortnite? Would you recommend it to other gamers or not really?